• FTMA Black Belt Testing
  • Master Carlito Bonjoc seminar in Stockton, CA, July 10, 2011
  • Mejie, Kalani and Michael
  • Michael, Kalani, Mr. C, Norvic and Moses at the 2009 ESKCOA Tournament
  • 3rd Mataw Guro Gathering, Concord CA, August 16, 2012
  • 2nd Annual Kada Anan Eskrima Gathering, Salinas, CA, November 13, 2011

News & Events

Phoenix FMA Training "Monthly Share"
Sep 12, 9:00am

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Kada Anan Martial Arts is an Arizona chapter of the buffalo black brotherhood (bbb) based in Stockton, California and an Arizona chapter of the Fierce Tigers Martial Arts Association (FTMA), based in Salinas, California, headed by GM Gilbert Cordoncillo.

We teach Kada Anan Eskrima; "Kada Anan" means "Old Style". Our Eskrima is blade-based, not just a stick fighting art. Practice begins with the use of sticks however the combat principles of this art translate into blade and empty-handed skills. In essence this art teaches you how to use anything you can pick up; whether it be a pencil, keys, newspaper, a stick, etc. You will also learn how to use your hands and other parts of your body to protect and defend yourself.

Kada Anan Martial Arts is a public park/garage/backyard based martial arts club. We're here to give people who love to train a place to do just that. Beginners will find a patient and informative environment in which to grow and develop in the martial arts. Although we're based on the Filipino martial arts, practitioners from ANY art are welcome to come and learn something new and offer their knowledge. Long story short...if you like to train and share, then our door is open to you. We're here for the love of the arts, the challenge of personal growth and the life-long friends that are made along the way.

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